Media disputes

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It has never been more challenging to strike a balance between conflicting fundamental freedoms, than in the age of proliferation of digital media propelled by rapid technological advances

We recognize these challenges and constantly build our recognized niche practice in the field of media disputes. We regularly act for wave, print and digital media operators, as well as leading journalists, in the defence of libel and defamation actions.
We assist clients to prepare legal guidelines related to the conduct of reporters and commentators, and regularly advise on legal considerations affecting the publication of particular items, such as outright prohibitions applicable to information associated with pending criminal investigations or national security, or limitations associated with information related to public figures.
Drawing on our rich litigation capabilities, we bring our media disputes practice to the service of in-house and professional crisis-management experts leading reputation and goodwill protection projects, emphasising interim and conservatory measures prevention over restitution and damage claims, where objectively possible.

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