Procurement & Construction

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Ηigh EU co-funding, the privatization programme and the progressive reduction of sovereign risk perceptions, are likely to be the key drivers of a strong bounce-back of large infrastructure projects to pre-crisis levels.

We are well placed to respond to the demand for a state-of-the art legal service, drawing on a combination of strengths in procurement and construction, finance foreign direct investment and disputes, alongside general corporate and commercial law, and vast experience in large projects including large public and private procurement and construction, co-funded, hot and cold industrial, electromechanical and civil works, road, railway and subway projects, and heavy industry production and co-production.

We are thus well placed to assist principals, financiers, engineering and construction groups and contractors from around the globe to achieve a deep-level understanding of the threats and opportunities involved in tendering, negotiation, documentation and execution, in order to minimize contingencies, secure future revenue streams and pre-empt unwanted dispute proceedings.

We have a deep understanding of the modalities of contracting authorities and central contracting bodies, as a result of a rich track record acting for public sector entities in both capacities, throughout the stages of tender invitation, opening and assessment of tenders, contracting and post-completion disputes.

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