Capital Markets

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Regional capital markets present a wide array of opportunities for financial, strategic and tactical transactions, and precise understanding of local niveaus is key to exploiting these opportunities in safe and predictable ways

We bring broad and deep insights about local regulatory, cultural and transactional particularities to the service of sophisticated capital markets transactions. Capital markets partners have significant track records in capital market transactions, including IPO’s, secondary offerings and market and OTC transactions in the Athens Exchange and foreign organized markets, such as the AIM market of the LSE.
We regularly assist executives and in-house counsel with listing, delisting, governance, transactional, reporting and general compliance, and have been involved in buyer and underwriter due diligence in relation to both ordinary transactions, and special projects, such as the privatization of State-owned enterprises throught the capital market.
We act for a number of regulated and non-regulated EU and US investment funds and fund managers in matters such as group and investment structuring and implementation, private placements and public offerings of securities in Greece, in solvent, as well as stressed and distressed scenarios.

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