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We consider direct and constant partner involvement integral to the role of specialized counsel

Technology and professional education are reshaping the role of specialist counsel globally. We don't believe in wide, low added value pyramids, which frequently need to justify charges by deference to otherwise avoidable work volume.
Our partners don’t manage the work of others – with the aid of carefully structured work-teams, they lead and perform the core legal work, which represents the true value of specialized counsel, in all aspects and throughout the life cycle of a matter.
The result is transparently consistent implementation of unitary strategic and tactical pathways and direct historicity, which minimizes the costs of repetitive work, and maximizes the leverage from end-to-end single lead to the conduct of even the most complex and volume-intensive matters.
We plan our time and resources around the needs of our clients, so that no partner is ever unavailable for one matter, even while working on another. We realize the world works around the clock, and so do we: emergency response processes and groups are here to answer effectively to any time-critical requirement.