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In times of radical transformation of the nature of disputes, and the methods, techniques and environments for their resolution, arbitration is a rapidly evolving answer.

The drastic shift of traditional dispute resolution paradigms of the past decade, driven by technological progress, economic innovation and globalization, highlights the importance of cross-border effectiveness, technical proficiency, speed and finality of dispute resolution methods. Rhetoric and volume-billed mega-files are out; economic analysis, clear definintion of the subject matter of disputes, and incisive expertise are in.
Modern commercial arbitration responds effectively and efficiently to each of these requirements, and the disputes partners at KP have established track records arbitrating a wide array of business-critical disputes. We have acted for claimants and respondents in international and domestic arbitration, institutional and ad hoc, in a variety of sectors, including procurement, construction, distribution and supply chain, alongside general commercial disputes.
We have considerable experience with complex proceedings involving multiple parties and parallel multi-forum tactical litigation, spanning all procedural stages, from pre-trial and trial discovery, to interim and conservatory measures, to the stage of enforcement of arbitral awards in multiple jurisdictions.
We have pursued and defended applications to set aside arbitral awards in Greece, and have assisted as Greek counsel in proceedings to set aside arbitral awards in foreign jurisdictions. We maintain an active presense in prominent academic and professional fora dedicated to the law and practice of international commercial and investment arbitration, and invest programmatically in staying at the forefront of current developments in expertise, forensics, remote taking of evidence and e-discovery, so that we are at all times able to advise and drive a fast, efficient and effective process.

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