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Greece has a huge good bet on the Privatization Programme, which is more critical today, than it was during previous privatization efforts in the 1990'and 2000's

Partners at KP have had leading roles in some of the most significant privatizations of the previous 1990s and 2000s privatizations waves. We have seen through the partial privatization of electricity, telecoms and other industries, from inception to implementation, to post transaction conduct of disputes and settlement of claims, acting principally for financial advisers, but occasionally also for the HR.
We bring a potent arsenal to the service of investors in asset, corporate and capital markets, and concession projects, encompassing most assets included in the HR privatization programme.
We are at the forefront of domestic and international legal and financial thinking on the use of corporate restructuring mechanisms, corporate and bank debt and bonds, and other techniques, in the service of structuring attractive investment strategies in privatization assets.
We go to great lengths to bridge the gaps of investment geography and legal culture, to ensure that investors, financial and technical advisers, and the people at operations, have comfort in the soundness of their investment plan and the responsiveness of their operational environment.

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