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Article: Insolvency law reform in Greece
C. Klissouras examines the pending Greek insolvency law reform (Sept 2011)

The pending reform of the Greek Insolvency Code (IRI September 2011) Constantinos N. Klissouras Insolvency & Restructuring International September 2011

Article: insolvency mediation (2009)
New Pre-Bankruptcy Procedures in Greece

Emerging Issues Analysis Lexis-Nexis, 2010   Constantinos Klissouras comments on the succusses and failures of inolvency mediation under Greek law

Book: Cash pooling & Insolvency (Sept. 2012)
Cash Pooling and Insolvency: A Practical Global Handbook

Consulting editor: Marcel Willems, Kennedy Van der Laan, September 2012 ISBN: 9781905783915 - Constantinos Klissouras and Christina Papachristopoulou explain the interaction of modern cash management techniques with Greek and EU insolvency law, a...